Think-Tank EGID 2021

Think-Tank EGID 2021On July 01, 2021, EGID Think-Tank took place at the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Lille.
As usual, the discussions were rich and reflect the dynamism of EGID’s research teams.

For this new edition, we invited Paolo Giacobini, research director at Inserm (LilNCog – Lille Neuroscience & Cognition-Inserm U1172 / Université de Lille / CHU de Lille) whose participation enriched the discussions. Our guest is interested in the mechanisms of prenatal programming of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is the most common hormonal pathology in women of childbearing age. For this seminar, Paolo Giacobini is particularly interested in the associations between epigenetic changes and the heritability of PCOS. Our speaker drew attention to new diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives for this pathology. On the one hand, these epigenetic marks could serve as a diagnostic signature for early detection of girls at risk for PCOS before puberty if there is a family history. On the other hand, treatment aimed at restoring the epigenetic profile of these patients could be considered.

Scientific presentations led by our 12 speakers: Dr Paolo Giacobini, Annabelle Dupont, Sarah Meulebrouck, Tuhina Khan, Daniela Fernandois, Ana Acosta, Cyril Bourouh, Eleonora Deligia, Guillaume Grzych, Laurent Homme, Mickhaël Chetboun, Alexandre Pelletier have the opinion of the participants was enriching and bodes well for future fruitful collaborations.

We thank all of the participants and look forward to seeing you next year.

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