Think-Tank EGID 2020

On June 16 and 17, the essential EGID Think-Tank took place, bringing together the 5 units of our Laboratory of Excellence.

For this new edition, we have invited Marc-Emmanuel Dumas, Professor at Imperial College London. Marc-Emmanuel will join the Mixed Research Unit 1283 on September 1st. Our guest is developing new avenues of research in the field of metabolomics and microbiomics in systemic medicine, mainly targeting metabolic and cardiorespiratory diseases but also chronic inflammation and cancer.
For this seminar, he is particularly interested in associations between genomes and the metabolome. Our speaker drew attention to the study of the metabolome and microbiome in cardiometabolic diseases.

The scientific presentations led by our 9 speakers: Marc-Emmanuel Dumas, Jimmy Vandel, Amna Khamis, Rebecca Deprez-Poulain, Mickhaël Chetboun, Artemii Nikitin, Florine Bornaque, Monica Imbernon and Valery Gmyr, have, in the opinion of the participants, been enriching and bode well for future fruitful collaborations.

We thank all of the participants and look forward to seeing you next year.